This visual survey was done on November 7th 1999 at 2:00 PM at the Pangborn Swim and Tennis Club near Pangborn Road .  The air temperature was 75 degrees Fahrenheit and the water temperature was 56 degrees Fahrenheit.  The skies were blue and the winds were calm.  The water flow was "low" and the last rain fall was on 5 days earlier on November 2nd, 1999.  The width of the stream in the survey area was approximately 10 feet with an approximate depth of 5 inches.

Other conditions noted:
Stream Bed  -  excellent
Sediment Deposits  -  good
Stream bank Stability  -  Fair
Stream bank Cover  -  excellent
Algae appearance  -  brown coated
Other observations  -  none
Evidence of pollution  -  no
Litter or trash  -  small amounts of plastic and glass




This biological sampling was the first done by our group.  We found the creek to be relatively clean and the water clear, however, there was evidence of major erosion along the banks and little diversity in the life inhabiting the creek.  This lack of diversity gives the creek a "Fair" water quality rating using the Georgia Adopt-A-Stream water quality rating scale.  The primary cause of the lack of diversity is believed to be storm water runoff.

Our Macroinvertibrate Count result was "12", with only samples of several Caddisfly larvae, a mayfly nymphs, a Crane Fly nymph, numerous Crayfish and a Damselfly nymph collected.

The Georgia Adopt-A-Stream rating scale for water quality is excellent (22 or greater), good (22 - 17), fair (16 - 11) and poor (11 or less).

No fish were seen during the sampling activity.  It should be noted that at least one fish barrier exists on Burnt Fork Creek.  This barrier is the set of culverts that makes up the underside of the Pangborn Road bridge.


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