for leaking sewer pipes or manholes overflowing

770-270-6243, Dept of Water and Sewer. This number is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

DeKalb County Storm water

If the creek has a funny color / smells bad / or is muddy.   The Stormwater Section of DeKalb County Roads and Drainage at (404) 297-4464 can arrange to have this checked.

Any illegal discharge into the creek should be reported to Stormwater Section of DeKalb County Roads and Drainage at (404) 294-2991


Keep DeKalb Beautiful



DeKalb County Commissioners

Manuel J. Maloof Center
1300 Commerce Drive
5th Floor
Decatur, GA 30030


The watershed is represented on the DeKalb County Commission by two regular district commissioners, and by both Super District Commissioners.

Inside I-285

District 2 Commissioner  Jeff Rader
(404) 371-2863


Outside I-285 (including Druid Hills Middle school)

District 4 Commissioner Steve Bradshaw

phone: (404) 371-4749


East of Frazier Rd

Super District 7

Lorraine Cochran Johnson

Phone: 404-371-2899


West of Frazier Rd

Super District 6 Commissioner Kathy Gannon

PHONE: 404-371-4909
FAX: 404-371-7004

DeKalb County Laws affecting creeks

Sec. 14-427.  Stream dumping penalties.


Any natural growth or human-made debris that reduces the carrying and storage capacity of the county drainage system may be a violation of this article. Any person who dumps log, trash, trees, and similar debris, shall, upon conviction, is subject to a fine and/or imprisonment according to section 1-10 of the DeKalb County Code.
(Ord. No. 01-08, Pt. I, 5-8-01)

Sec. 14-38.  Soil erosion and sedimentation control.

General provisions. Excessive soil erosion and resulting sedimentation can take place during land-disturbing activities. Therefore, plans for those land-disturbing activities that are not exempted by this chapter shall contain provisions for application of soil erosion and sedimentation control measures and practices.

(6)   Inspection and enforcement.

a.   The development director will periodically inspect the sites of land-disturbing activities for which permits have been issued

(Ord. No. 85-00, Pt. I, 12-28-00; Mo. of 1-23-01; Ord. of 1-23-01, Pt. 1; Ord. No. 04-04, Pt. I, 6-8-04)

Sec. 14-42.  Water quality control.


The following provisions are included in the land development regulations in order to control the water quality of storm runoff from all development and construction activities and all developed sites: